The Indian Maharadja Ipx – T4.30 – 2023 Advanced Padelracket


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The Indian Maharadja IPX T4.30 is a high-quality padel racket designed for both men and women with a versatile playing style. Made of carbon with a sleek black color, this racket is part of the GOLD SERIES and is specifically designed for advanced players who are looking for more power and spin.
The racket has a teardrop or droplet shape with a medium balance point and a medium-sized sweetspot, which provides extra power during play. It also features an EVA PRO core, providing extra stability, power, precision, and durability. The frame, handle, and blade are made of fully 3K carbon, which also contributes to the strength and performance of the racket.
The blade of the racket has a rough hexagonal structure, which allows for extra effect and spin during play. Additionally, the racket has an extreme cushion grip, which increases comfort and control during play.
In summary, the Indian Maharadja IPX T4.30 is an excellent choice for advanced padel players who are looking for a high-quality racket that supports a diverse playing style.